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On October 2, 2001, dozens of aircraft stood grounded at Zurich Unique Airport.

Flights could not take off due to the simple lack of cash flow. So little was available that there was not even enough money to pay for jet fuel. The story of a young airline in a developing country?

Unfortunately this was the airline which flew the flag and the pride of the people of one of the richest countries in the world, Switzerland. The airline was, of course, Swissair.

Many people were aware that Swissair was ill, maybe even very ill, but no one ever thought it could reach this level of gross humiliation. Passengers were left stranded with valueless tickets. 71 years of the Swissair brand goodwill were gone in a matter of hours.

There will never be an airline quite like Swissair. But with this site, and the assistance of FsPassengers, a small tribute is paid to the company that was once MY airline.